My husband is currently working on this picture. What do you think?




  1. That's a rather intimidating pony!


  2. Tell him not to give up his day job. That thing is horrible...juuuuuuuust kidding.

    No, that's freakin' awesome. Has he ever done anything like professional story illustration? What medium does he use to create his work?

  3. Is he drawing it on the computer? Really nice! We've been looking at software for my daughter to draw with on the computer, and she tells me that all of her friends are using photoshop. Have you seen the price of the latest photoshop software? Ugh. I told her to learn to use the free program.

  4. Um, I am jealous. I want it for my house.

  5. my wife has asked me to comment about the horse picture.
    first, thank you all for your kind and gracious comments.
    second, the original picture was drawn in pencil and then inked over with pen and ink.
    third, my wife must take some credit for the picture as she; a) was generous enough to allow us to get a scanner, b) took the time to hook it up to the computer and figure out how it works, and c)was thoughtful enough to scan several of my pen and inks and download them onto our computer.
    fourth, again i must give credit where credit is due- a family of one of my first grade students was gracious enough to give (yes, as in free) me a graphire program (can anyone say $200-$300?) which included an adobe photoshop elements 1.0 program. consequently, i was able to color it digitally. i'll spare you the details of which techniques i used.
    in answer to kingjaymz' question no, i haven't illustrated professionally although i hope to illustrate at least one children's book in my life time.
    in answer to jennifer's question try looking for a photoshop elements program. you should be able to get one for about $100-$200. it won't have all the bells and whistles that a full blown adobe photoshop program, but your daughter shouldn't need all of them unless she is working professionally.
    in answer to r's question having it in your home can possibly be arranged. we (my wife and i) would be happy to discuss (via the internet) it with you if you'd like.
    again, thank all of you so much for your kindness and hopefully my wife will post more pictures...also before i forget, if you all have any ideas as to how i can improve that picture or any others my wife may post please let us know...there is always room for improvement.

  6. We just got a free program called GIMP that has many of the same capabilities of photoshop, and is supposed to be more user friendly. I have never used photo shop, so I don't know. But we are enjoying learning to use GIMP.
    I like the picture. It makes me want to host a jousting tournament.

  7. Sure, let me know. Also, how big is it or how big can it be? Thanks.

  8. Oh yes! I have GIMP on my computer. I'll see if my daugher can make that work for her. And thanks also for the info about Photoshop Elements. We're still checking around, so we'll look into that too.

  9. Okay, now what is Gimp and where can I get it??


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