Blog Titles

Even if I don't post everyday, I think about blogging everyday. Here are some of the blog ideas I find constantly floating about in my head.
  • 10 Ways To Tell If You Are Apathetic
  • More Children's Books About Body Functions
  • Blogger Is Messing With My Font Size
  • Children's Books I Would Tell the Teacher About
  • Movie Reviews For Zoom and Hot Wheels 4
  • Why Do Men Want To Be Married or Why Do Men Stay Married?
  • (opposed to:Why Do Men (or women) Stray)
  • I Keep Broken Toys From My Childhood (with pictures of these toys)
  • My Daughter's B-Day (with pictures for the mom-stalker)
  • My Favorite Carry Grant Movies
  • My Favorite Old Movies
  • My Favorite Old Musicals
  • Owen Wilson is related to this animal and this vegetable. Proof of evolution. (with pictures)

These ideas are just from the past couple of days. Except for the Owen Wilson one, which I came up with after seeing Night at the Museum. I told Emma Sometimes all about it. She thought it was very funny. This blog thing was never going to be an "online journal" for me. Not once I discovered I had an audience. Nope, I have fans out there. (at least, I have the Mom-stalker, anyway) Fans who I must amuse and entertain. So I sort though ideas trying to find one that I can make funny. Sometimes it takes research. Sometimes it takes effort. In which case, you might as well refer to the first title I came up with.



  1. Whenever I think of an interesting topic to blog about I send myself an email about it. I have a growing list of topics for those times when my ideas are dry. Now if I could only get myself to feel like actually writing a blog...Hmmm.

  2. Can't wait to see how it all develops! *Chuckle*

  3. That brings up one for me, "Why My Children Will Need Therapy When They Grow Up." Maybe two, "Why I Need Therapy As a Result of My Childhood." Or how about a title for a whole new blog? "The Adventures of Non-Threatening Boy!"

  4. ah your audience awaits!
    so start writing!

  5. Those are some interesting titles, I can't wait to read the rest!

  6. Hey, just stumbled on your blog today, and wanted to let you know I was adding you to my google reader. :-)

  7. Anonymous8:33 PM

    i like the one about the broken toys, what are you going to do with those?

  8. I can always think of a million things to blog about except for when I sit down to write a post. DOH!

  9. Anonymous8:46 AM

    i laughed at the owen wilson one, and as you know iwas sitting right next to you in the movie theatre as you watched the show. i was wondering if you might know (or any of your blog friends might know) someone or a group of someones that would be willing to go through and also discuss(with your poor little hubby)edmund spenser's "faerie queen". it would be a definite commitment.


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