The Nanny Reads: Walter the Farting Dog

I love going to the library. I love going to the online library. It is so fun to check out books. The rule recently switched from unlimited check outs, to fifty check outs per-person. But being a mom, (and nanny) I get to carry a couple extra library cards, so I still check out as many books and video's as I can carry. And returning the books to the library gives me such a sense of accomplishment! It represents cleaning and organizing a corner of my house (a stack of 50-60 books takes up a bit of space, people!)

Sometimes my staid Knight in Shining Armor does not approve of my book choices. The other day I brought home one I was sure the boys would enjoy. It had a puppy! Peril! Adventure! Risk! Bold mixed graphics! Sir Knight picked up the book with a deep frown. The chubby gray puppy did not charm, I guess. The title did not amuse. And then he started to read it. By the second page he was chuckling. By the forth page he was laughing. By the eighth page tears of humor were running down his cheeks.

Some things do appeal to all ages.

Publisher blurb: Walter is banished to a lifeboat traveling behind an ocean liner because of his powerful farts. When the liner loses power, the great cruise ship, its frightened passengers--and Walter--are marooned on the high
seas. Full color



  1. Hiya..thanks again for visitin my site!..The hamantash cookies for Purim can be made with regular cookie dough and add a jelly to the center..yum!..:)

  2. *BWAHAHA*

    Emily would LOVE this book! ;o)

    Yes, I still love you... Just waiting for you to post!

    Mrs. Spiffy

  3. You sound like my daughter who is teaching her children in homeschool...they go to the library often and she mentioned in her blog that she thought about taking a clothes basket as she had so many between herself and the two mom mentioned take a rolling suitcase...see how mom's help one another in this medium of blogging? It is awesome...
    PS...the book sounds great!

  4. LOL! I think my boys would love that book!
    There was one we read at the start of the schoolyear, I can't remember the exact title, but it was the true story of the 3 little pigs, from the wolf's perspective,

  5. I had that true story of the three little pigs book when I was a kid, and it is hilarious! I saw Walter the Farting Dog on a while back and wanted it so. I just don't know if it would charm the wife, but it is worth a shot. I love your sense of humor, poppins.

  6. I am such a slacker when it comes to returning library books. I've got a stack in the kitchen right now that need to be returned which were due on the 1st and I've already renewed them once. They need a library delivery guy. I wonder if the mail-lady would drop them off for me?


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