Take An Art Staycation!

I've been on an art staycation since September 5th, working in my studio, taking lots of naps and chatting on the Youtube.  I had massive, big, humongous goals of stuff I wanted to get done.  And some if it is actually getting finished.

Just before my big staycation, I moved my art area out of the bedroom, where it had been growing, for the last several years.  I'm not a big furniture rearranger, not like people who do it monthly or even seasonally, but it felt like a good way to make the house more livable for the six people in it, at least for my husband who wanted to be sleeping when I wanted to be arting.

 A comfy chair was the last important element.

I had the space so tidy, but now that I've been arting in it...well not so tidy anymore.

If you want to hear about some of the stuff I've been up too -all my big plans, please check out my youtube channel.  Also, there's a giveaway happening!

I've  also recently posted a art journal flip through that is very close to my heart and soul.  It's my journey to answering life's important questions, and it's likely the most somber video I've ever made.

You can also watch that video over on my channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/Dapoppins
Subcribe, like, leave comments - interacting is what helps other people see my work, well, it you think it's all worthy of that. Either way, I'm having a ton of fun and would love to hear from you.  Any questions?  Thoughts? 2 cents?

Talk soon,




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