When Goals Fall Short

Courtsey unsplash

I wish I had some grand excuse for not completing the tasks I set myself at the beginning of this year.

Tragedy has not struck.

Nor has there been any life interrupting blessing. 

There has just been loads of stuff and tons of distractions.  

And maybe some fear.  

I set myself a goal of working on becoming a Children's book writer. I told myself I would try.  I have the stories.  I feel like I understand (as much as I can at the point) the market.  I invested in improving the stories and getting feedback.  I changed up my website.  I tried to focus.

I generated loads of positive self-talk.

In spite this grand effort, I still hit a snag of self-doubt so big that everything just stopped.  Just froze.  And I've been caught in that nightmare of muddy goo up to my knees, unable to move forward.

The self-doubt doesn't' feel like a fearful nightmare.  It doesn't feel uncertain and weak.  It feels like me filling up my free time with other things that are coming easy: art journaling, book making, craft buying, big impossible dream dreaming.

It feels like me working on different goals and doing other stuff.

When the Children's book goal is the stuff I should be doing.



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