If I wrote a children's book...

If I wrote a story for children...

                      Would you listen to me read it?

                                          Would you share  with all your friends?

I am and always have been a writer.  The first story I ever remember trying to write was my own version of Star Wars.  I was about eight years old, we had just returned from the movie. I didn't want the story to end so I started my own.

I told you before my first big purchase out on my own was a type-writer/word processor with spell check. If you read this blog much, you already know why that is important.  Just because I adore words doesn't mean I can spell them.

It shouldn't surprise you that I write fiction and the occasional poem.

After reading hundreds of children's books and telling numerous bed time stories off the top of my head, I've written some of my own stories. 

I am going to make the BIG LEAP and start moving forward.  I'm going to get help from an editor. Write my cover letter.  Chase my dream.

 I know my chances are slim. Thousands of stories are submitted each year while most publishers bring less then fifty books to print each year.  Right there, the math is against me.

And (big dramatic sigh) other than self publishing, my chance of getting a hard cover, glossy, picture book deal with  Chronicle or Harper-Collins is, well,  kind of like winning the lottery - only a lot less likely. 

 I've been researching.  I know what publishers want for the picture book market. And my writing pretty much fails the expected standard.

 But I don't agree with the standard.

And I really don't want to self publish.   I want to see my book on the shelves at Barnes's and Noble and  I want to be in the Scholastic Book club.  A writer has to have goals, right?

It takes between four to six moths for editors to even begin to respond to unsolicited manuscripts. That's a really long time for an impatient person.

So, I have a plan.

I'm going to try something for the next year and I'd like YOUR help.

YOU the person reading this right now.

I write the kind of stories that I enjoy reading.  I feel like there are a lot of benefits to reading longer, wordier stories to young children - so that is what I write.

I will be giving away a free audio book for you to listen to with your child.  Click HERE to find our how you can sign up to have your story sent to your in box for you to listen to whenever you wish. 

Give it a listen.

Listen during car pool.  Or quiet time.  Or bed time.  Or instead-of-screen time.

You can let me know if you like it.  Or not.

(it's free - money back gaurentee! )

And while you are falling in love with my Free Story, I will be working with local classrooms to see what actual kids think of longer, wordier books.

And maybe next year, I will win the book lottery of my dreams.

Whaddaya think?

It can't hurt to try!




  1. Fantastic post! I have such a great feeling about this adventure your daring! I am so super proud of you, girl! I have gobs of confidence in you and I've got your back, 'cause as you know, I'm one of your biggest fans! 😍


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