Listing My Goals

One way I am planning on achieving my goals this year is by making lists.  Lot's and lot's of lists.  First, I have a master, overall, general BIG goal list.  It's a must do.  In one way or another I am gonna follow through on all these things, while hitting my Power Buttons (on the list is says FOCUS.)

Here are a couple of goals from my master list broken down into doable parts.  

My Make Stuff Big Goal is going to have lots and lots of little lists attached to it because I am not just going to be making one thing.  I'm honored to be apart of the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew this year again, as well as involved in several ongoing Periscope Art Share's.

PLUS.  One more awesome, wonderful, exciting adventure with Nancy Gains at Domesticraft.  This venture is so big it's going to require it's own website. 

That's pretty darn big. 

So I am taking small bites of the big goals to keep from getting overwhelmed.   

You can follow my journey daily by watching me on Periscope Dana @Dapoppins  I'm currently in a group (Perigirls Heart tribes) where I need to post a 3 minute long scope everyday.  What else do I have to chat about except the things I love and what I am up to?

I did a Periscope today, infact.  There may or may not be a suspicious smudge on my face, that may or not be early morning breakfast chocolate. (Yes.  Of course there is such a thing as healthy breakfast chocolate.  Do you think I would make that up?) Or maybe it is just a age spot.  I can't tell.  

What do you think?

(If you see spelling errors in this post...well.  You're going to see spelling errors.  If that offends you, I'm sorry. ) 



  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    AMAZING!!! I love it... so much that it's midnight, I'm exhausted and so I'm going to do this RIGHT NOW!!!!! MUST take control of my year...


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