The Heart of Gratitude Journey - November 2015

Gratitude: The key to happiness

Gratitude is more than just this thing families do once a year around a feast, it is an attitude change that can actually make a person happier and healthier.  Different religions, scientists,  and doctors agree that living a grateful life is the key to a life of happiness.

Around this time of year I see daily facebook posts stating what people are grateful for - counting their blessings.  Sometimes friends comment, sometimes they don't but it seems a solitary sort of way to express feelings.

Nancy of Domesticraft and I put together the Heart of Gratitude Journey so that we could share our thankfulness with others, get to know new friends from new new places and so that we could encourage each other toward positive heart change.  This journey is about building connections. As we share, we will get to know each other, and maybe the world will be a smaller place.

Gratitude: Looking At Life From A Positive Angle

I don't want to sound all pithy, but Gratitude is the act of turning that frown upside down.  That's a line from a movie somewhere or something.  But it's true.  Gratitude is looking at what you do have instead of what you don't have. When you consciously spend time being grateful, focusing on the good things in life and looking at situations with an honest perspective, it actives a positive mindset and just to be real with you here, it makes you a better person too!

For the last seven years my family has struggled to find secure financial footing.  I could focus on this, complain about this, and waste time assigning blame for this situation.  Or I can make a conscious decision to count the blessings given to us and savor the things we have learned. We have learned A LOT.  And we have been BLESSED in incredible ways.  If I was complaining all the time, I would miss out on all those good moments in the journey.

The Heart of Gratitude Journey is 14 Days of sharing our journey together.  You can respond to our daily prompts posted on Instagram at @Domesticraft and @Dapoppins as well as in our private facebook group:  The Gratitude Girls Cheer League.

  • You can:  Take photos and post to Instagram with the hashtag #heartofgratitude  And share photos in the facebook group
  • You can:  Keep a written journal and go along with challenges
  • You can:  Share your blog/website posts related to Gratitude on the facebook group (don't forget to put the hashtag #heartofgratitude somewhere so that we can find you in google search. 
  • You can: Make a Gratitude Craft, art journal page, whatever touches your creative heart and share it.
  • You can: COMMENT and JOIN in the Discussion

Commenting and interacting is good because it builds the toward the habit of Gratitude.  Once you say       (or type or photograph or draw) something, bring it out into the open, the lesson gets into your ears, in your head and in your heart.  It's learning by doing.  

Commenting and interacting is also good because it ENTERS YOU INTO THE GIVEAWAYS.  

(More about Giveaways coming, we have to get all the
 goodies together! hee-hee  HINT it will be something 
where you can be creative with your gratitude)

 At least one on each of our blogs for two US winners and a 3rd giveaway for international peeps only.  PLUS - we are planning a couple of little surprises in the Facebook group!  

Giving stuff away is good practice for Gratitude and it's just good fun.  

How do you enter the giveaways?  You comment.  

Where and how often can you comment?  The more you comment on the blogs, on facebook and on instagram- the more you enter the giveaways. 

{The winners will be chosen on the last day of the giveaway.}  

And there it is.  It's that easy and it is going to be super, duper fun.  

Thank you for joining in on the journey!

All photos on this post taken by Nancy Gaines at



  1. Nice post! Thanks for bringing us together again too 😊

  2. I love this: It is so inspirational!

  3. Great idea. We all need positive change in our lives.

  4. How amazing! I have just started a 'Grateful' journal and came across your post on google+. I would love to join in with you via your facebook page.


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