Spark Your Creativity: Using the Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit Challenge 3

The Kraaft Shaak is a little crafty internet shop based somewhere East of me.  This was their first year for a design team and I was to be chosen to be apart of it.  Our mission was to use the Kraaft Shaak's unique mixed media kits in three projects.


Design Team One Easter Box by Sylvia

My creative Brain kind of exploded a few times with all the ingenuity to come out of this mixed media kit.  

If you are a mixed media newbie.  If you are a mixed-media oldie.  If you are a scrapbooker, art journaler, use art therapy, have a artsy, creative child, know someone who has an artsy creative child, or if you are a person who loves to be FEARLESS and try new things- This KIT is For YOU. 

But all good things must come to an end and this is my last challenge for the team.  My challenge was to Kill the KIT.  Which means, to use everything up.  Now I wish I had better photos, but over the last few months I basically spread everything from the kit all over my bedroom craft space.  

I do have a couple of photos...

2 oz paint goes farther than you think.

This is the remains of my eggshell colored Prima Chalkboard paint and my Prima Sand Texture Paste Samples from the kit. 
My project started by using a ruined was a picture that had sustained a nasty spill of dark paint across the face of it and I couldn't get it off even after trying.  So I tore it all apart, and started over.  The Kit came with a sample selection of ephemera papers - lovely map pages, tissue thin dictionary pages, book pages.  All the stuff I love to use as the first layer of a collage.  I had a few of these left after my other projects ( the necklace and book) - so I tore them up to cover the old project.  

The kit comes with a sample paper pack.  It has enough papers for several projects.
I used some in all three of my challenges. I used the Prima chalk board Paint in two of the challenges. 

I've made something like this before with a silhouette...but I couldn't get this one right.  I hated it.  It wasn't fulfilling my vision. At. All. So I tore this apart and Friday morning at about 5:30 a.m and  then I raided my daughter's toy box. 

One of the things I had left in the kit were some lace ribbons and gauze.  I had meant to use those in the first attempt had incompletely forgotten my goal to use up the rest of goodies in the mixed media kit.  Now I had my chance to incorporate them.  

Texture, Tissue Paper, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit, Dapoppins Art

I layered the ribbons and gauze with tissue papers to add the dimension I wanted to recreate my original idea properly. 

Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit

Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit

Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit

Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit

This theme means a lot to me personally (feel free to ask me about it!) But I'm so curious to see how other's respond to this piece that I am not going to tell it's story.  I wonder if it might have a story for you?

Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit

To get an idea of what is in this kit, and how much I had to play with you might want to check out this video from Sherrie, who answered the call for the next design team.  She share's all the oodles of the things that come in the kit and cracks me up at the same time.

Did you watch it?  Did you see how much is fun and craftiness is packed into this little box?  Do you think I managed to use up everything in that box?

Well, I used up most of it.  There is still a wee bit chalk paint left, I have a map page left, and a book page that was suppose to go into the mini-book I created for the very first challenge...and I found a couple of those little sequins left over too.  So, I totally failed to "kill the kit."

But I wounded it.  Badly.

Now, Don't forget the coupon.  Don't forget to visit the Kraaft Shaak. (where there are tutorials, hangouts, hilarity, community, and art supplies everywhere)  Don't forget to buy a mixed media kit.  It's a boredom buster for kids ages eight and up at the very least. And there are loads of things you can make from it.  Check out the Design Team page at the Shaak if you're low on ideas and let me know if you make something, FLIP FLOPS!

Be Blessed!



  1. I love how this turned out, Dana. The dress is to die for!!! So wispy, soft, full - every little girls dream!!!

  2. Hey Dana I love that you raided the toy box. She is lovely!

  3. Oh my, she is just beautiful!

  4. This would be great for Shel's young friend who has cancer.

  5. Beautiful! Joy is my focus word for this year after a huge, scary 2014

  6. what a wonderful piece this is!
    I seriously think this piece speaks freedom and spirit! I love her.
    I gotta know - do you have any kit left?

    now to raid a toy box...

  7. She is fabulous Dana! And so are you! Congratulations for being picked in spite of the cajillion applicants- you rock girlfriend!! heehee
    Really love your use of mixed media- gorgeous!! hugs

    1. ps...forgot to absolutely "KILLED" the kit for your last project!! Well done! xx

  8. I am not sure if my first comment went through so I might be leaving two comments by accident. As I typed before She is Stunning Dana! Absolutely Stunning! You are an amazing artist! Take Care! :)

  9. This is so very, very beautiful! Your range as an artist is amazing! I mean for real, girl. You rock this this lovely piece, it's so soft and feminine and ethereal even . . . really stunning! And then you do that unbelievably cool steampunk mask! Truly one of my favorites pieces of art. period. You flippin' nailed it!


  10. Your work here is stunnng and inspiring. The starburst in the background and the figure with the upraised arms and hands reminds me of a scripture journaling page that I did inspired by 2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone the new has come."
    I'd love to know your story and what inspired you.


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