How To Overcome Self Doubt

We all have those days.  Those days where self doubt strikes up the orchestra in your brain and starts that same old song you have been hearing since you were in jr. high (- maybe even before that.) 

I'm not good enough.  
I can't do anything right.
No one will ever see me.
Why am I wasting my time on this?
Why do I even bother?

For me, these days come after a high - after something really good happens.  Sometimes it happens as soon as an hour after I get good news.  

Or these days come with the hormone surges and lapses of being female.  I'm still young enough to get those days - err, weeks.  

I don't like that voice that tells me "I'm not good enough."  I know you have heard it too.  For some people, no matter how perfect they are, they still hear it.  In fact, I bet the more perfect you are, the more you hear it.

We can't all have the confidence of Donald Trump.  

You have to give that man credit where credit is due.  He has lived all those inspiring quotes about overcoming adversity, failing and not giving up, taking risks, and hard work bringing big things to pass.  His arrogance, no matter how overpowering, is earned from his experiences.  This is what happens when you loose everything and get it back, it's what happens when risks pay off.

How I Overcome Self Doubt

Recognize The Lies.
That voice that says “You are not good enough.”  is lying to you.  If you listen to the lie, you will never be more than “not good enough.”

Keep Trying Until You Do It Right.

It is better to try and fail than not try at all.  So keep trying, keep learning, keep doing until get to where you want to go.

Seek A Comforter

There is no need to go this alone.  Since I am a Christian believer, I am never alone, and I always have Someone who looks at me and says.  “You are not perfect, I still love you.  You are good enough for Me to die for.  I accept you.  Keep moving forward.  I am with you.”

Not a Believer?  

Then find your friend, your parent, the love of your life, to speak truth to you.  

Get Some Space.  

It’s okay to withdraw, reboot, and take some time to evaluate.  Have some coffee.  Eat some chocolate.  Take a nap.  

Focus on the Good.  

Instead of being overpowered by all the things going wrong, count your blessings. Find the things that are going right and be grateful for them.

Count Your Victories

Remember Donald Trump?  He’s not looking at his failures.  He’s looking at his victories.  He’s letting them power him forward.  What are the victories in your life?  Where can you give yourself an A+ grade?  Where were your prayers answered?  

Speak Positive Things Out Loud
Drown out the ugly lies by speaking “I CAN.”  over them.  I use Biblical Scripture for this and read through who God says I am.  

Go Love On Someone

Just do this.  You will feel better.

Fix What You Can, Walk Away From What You Can Not Fix

We can only control ourselves.  Therefore, we can only fix ourselves.  If I need a conversation with someone to erase my self doubt, to deal with perceived wrong-doing on my part, to better understand a situation, than I try to have that conversation.  But my response to any and every situation is one I own.  I control myself.  So I fix what I can in myself.  If it’s not in me, I can’t fix it.  So it’s best to walk away.  

I hope you are encouraged by this post. I started out feeling very discouraged, now that I've gone through the list, I am feeling ever so much better. What do you do to Overcome Self Doubt? Do you have a cheerleader in your life to speak truth to you?

My Grandmother Dee was that person for me. When she died at age 86 a few years ago, I keenly felt the loss. But God knows what we need. Amazingly, last summer I met a fellow crafty person in the form of +Nancy Gaines. She is an encourager by nature even though she comes with the cutest pair of red glasses and no pom-pom's. She is launching her own really cool business this week. You really should pop over to her website and check her out.



  1. Great job on this post you hit it right on the head!
    When I took the class Soul Restoration those were most of the techniques we learned.
    For me the biggest one, the one that was the most lifechanging (and is still 3 years later) is the one about lies.
    The technique I learned is to cover the lies with truth.
    Instead of focusing on your negative qualities, or the things you did not accomplish, cover every lie with a truth. Instead of "I am so remind yourself of your positive qualities, your accomplishments big and small, the things you have done right.....every time the lies start to creep in you cover the lie with a truth.
    It is amazing how much space we allow the lies to take up in our lives when we let them.
    Covering my lies with truths was a miraculous healing for me.

  2. Dana, It's 2:00 o'clock in the morning and I just had a feeling to read your blog! And what do I find?? One of the most inspiring loveliest posts I've ever read.

    I'm thankful everyday for having met you! :)

    xoxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo + xoxoxoxoxoxo ;)


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