The Heart of Gratitude Journey

Gratitude Journey, cute photos with scrabble pieces, Domesticraft
Photo by the Curator of Cute: Nancy Gaines

My friend Nancy, who I met last summer, is a uber talented woman.  She plays with paper, sews, makes cute stuff, lives surrounded by cuteness, has cute grandchildren, makes cute original digital images and just inspires me so stinkin much.  (you will see her influence on me on instagram.  She takes such amazing photos. I've been trying to imitate some of her style.) She is a business minded, go getting, hilarious woman living fearlessly in this digital, social media age.

This whole post isn't all about her, really, but once I start thinking about her cuteness and how fun she is I get a little distracted.

This post is about introducing my collaboration with Nancy on our 21 Day Journey into the Heart of Gratitude.

Heart and art are going to to explode into all kinds of challenges, contests, giveaways, prizes & more! 

 We planned 3 giveaways, but I'm feeling like there is going to be way more than that.  Once we get this on a roll and start gifting our gratitude, I think it I will be making lots of trips to the post office!

We are posting photos, stories, graphics and anecdotes about gratitude, thankfulness and being happy! 

Come see our stuff and even more use the hashtag #theheartofgratitude and share your stuff with us!  I will definitely repost, retweet and share any awesomeness I find under the hashtag!

Nancy's Instagram

Nancy's Domesticraft FB Page

Domesticraft the Blog where glitter will shimmer, washi tape will hold stuff together, and her Heart will make you laugh until tears are coming out of your nose.  {or something like that}

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This journey is less about us and more about YOU.

Gratitude of the heart is the ACT of LIVING Thankfully.  It is not only a positive way to live, it is a healthy way to live. In a NY Times Science article the author notes that, "Cultivating an “attitude of gratitude” has been linked to better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and depression, higher long-term satisfaction with life and kinder behavior toward others..."

Gratitude is good for you!

One way to practice gratitude is through saying thank you. So the Heart of Gratitude for Nancy and I is about being thankful for those around us, being thankful for you, our readers, watchers and casual stalkers.

And we are going to be show our thankfulness to you by showering you with glitter bombs!

Okay, Maybe only virtual glitter bombs.  

The first giveaway is next week.  To enter the giveaways you must comment.  Comment here, comment the instagram accounts, comment on Nancy's pages and we will play COUNT the comments for each give away.  You can follow us.  (That's nice.)  But you don't have to.  (cause we don't want to force anyone to do anything.)  But if you don't comment we wont know if you are there, we won't know what you are thinking.

It's time to step out and be brave so we can know you are there!  Share a little of who you are.  I bet you are interesting, creative, and much more funny than you know.  

What is the state of your Heart of Gratitude?  Does it need a little sparkle, a little warming up, a little color, or are you already living out daily acts of thankfulness?  Leave a Comment to let me know where you are at on this journey!  



  1. You guys are awesome! I need to put a little sparkle back in my gratitude practice, thanks for the kick in the butt!

  2. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Glitter bombs - virtual or in real life - are always awesome! I can't wait to see what you guys kick up!

  3. Well, that was quite a build up, Miss Dana and I thank you for all the kind words! I'm totally grateful! ;) And beside all that, your post was so lovely and witty! You always leave me smiling and wanting more! Let's do this! ♡

  4. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Looking forward to doing this...

  5. I am so loving your blogs, posts, thank you!

  6. Thank you for your lovely page and creating such a wonderful focus on gratitude #theheartofgratitude

  7. Al hamdulillah awesome post, thankfulness is an awesome characteristic. Giving thanks daily.


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