Quotes for 2015

I've been feeling like I need to shake off some old things and put on some new things...
If you are a parent, you know that there are actually two chances for a fresh start in the year.  September brings a new school cycle.  It always feels like a new beginning for the whole family.  And  then there is January...where really the focus is more about the individual - about me.  

And I feel like I need to shake off some old perspectives, some wrong thinking, some heavy worries.  

I found some inspiration on Pinterest.  Oh, you know you love pinterest!  I love to find illustrated quotes there, but lately, all the ones in my feed are French or Spanish.  Not that they don't look even more interesting and impacting in a different language.  But if I can't read them, that sorta defeats the purpose, doesn't  it. But I was feeling determined and despite the language barrier managed to find a few illustrated quotes that fit some of the thing's I wanted to "put on." 

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I choose to live positively.

I choose to look ahead. 

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I choose to dream and plan.

I choose live a lifestyle of forgiveness. 

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I choose to be responsible for my own happiness.

I choose to be a seeker not a beggar.

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I Choose. 



  1. Love it, Dana! Seriously 100% L♡VE it! Each and every intention is wonderful! I like intentions way better than resolutions! Intentions, with the right mind set are what keep me going! Do everything for the sake of God and you really can't go wrong! Now I just want to spend the rest of the night making inspirational graphics! ;) Yay you!

    1. Nancy! My sister from another mother! You inspire me so very much with your joy, your cute, and your beautiful determination! And I love your graphics! Get to making them so I can share them everywhere!


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