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Welcome to Party Tuesdays!

You didn't know it was a Party Tuesday?  Well it is!  On Tuesdays I get to share my design example for Party Time Tuesdays - On Tuesdays I get to explore my inner creative and be fearless!

Decembers sponsor for Party Time Tuesdays is Heather Hudson of  My Artistic Adventures.  She has a really fun selection of vintage-ish downloads and I couldn't wait to play with them.

My Artistic Adventures

                               Digital and Paper Designs

This download was a set of tags.  I just printed, embellished with a  bit of embossing powder and inked edges, made a little fabric flower with some gold leaves and that little heart, added ribbon and done!

If you like playing with paper, give Heather a visit, and hop on over to Party Time Tuesdays where there is a weekly challenge with wonderful prizes (like something form Heahter's store!)

Now if you have been visiting my blog at all lately you know that I committed to sending out Christmas Cards this year.  Maybe never again.  I decided to use up some of the supplies I had on hand - here is some more proof that I have been following through!

Every card is different.  I've just looked  what was in front of me, and start putting things together.  Some of them I like better then others. But after the 15th 50th card, it no longer matters how close to satisfied I am with them, it's more about just getting them done and in the envelops.  

So far I have about 10 that are not fitting into envelops.  But that's okay, I can just make envelops.  Right?  

Well, maybe.

Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

I hope to have the ones I committed to send in the mail by this Saturday.  Then, I can work on the family ones.  I don't have a big family and friends list, but since I gave cards to strangers this year, I kinda feel obligated to do something for the relatives and the friends that are still sending me cards. 

Is there something you feel obligated to do during the holidays?  Something that you might enjoy, but you feel like you should do anyway - even if you don't enjoy it? (Like decorating?) Let me know I'm not alone in the comments!



  1. The older I've got, the more unorganized I've got.
    December needs at the very least thirty more days. ;0)
    Your cards are beautiful.

  2. Hi, Dana!

    That tag is gorgeous! ♡ Do you feel like you are working on an assembly line in your own sweat shop? ;) I adore the ornament card! Are those cut from an old book?

    You are going to love the giveaway on my blog tomorrow. It's all about paper ephemera! ♡

  3. Oh that jar is SO pretty!


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