Nannylife And Parenting - How Do You Know Who Is In Charge

I've been leading a double life.  Wait.  No.  Make that Triple.  Not only to am I trying to post here weekly on Dapoppins about my passions (paper, art, children's books, craftiness, color, family, and story telling) I've been posting over at Care Academy and NannySheCanDo.  I can't tell you how thrilling it is to have these fantastic websites want me to write for them.

If you're a Nanny or in the Child Care Profession, you might want to check them out.

 If you are a Mom or a Grandma you might want to check them out.

 If you have anything at all to do with children and you're holding a cup of coffee in one of your hands and clicking with the other, you might want to check them out!

This week I posted about the Nanny and Work At Home Parent Dynamic.  I gave some really incredible information (if I do say so myself) about how to navigate the waters of Who Is In Charge.  This info also comes in handy when there are kids about and parents and grandparents in the room who love them.  Do you still have your mouse handy - grab it and click here to read how to handle challenge of more than one person raising a child.

What do you do when the children ask the same question to each adult because they are hoping for a better answer?

What do you do when the toddler only wants one specific adult in the house?

What do you do when a child won't clean up after themselves because an adult in the home told him "he didn't have to?"

The answer to these questions and more are on the Care Academy Blog Right NOW!



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