Grasping At Moments

I was at my evening job (home helper/elder-care) when we had one of those magical moments...3 deer came into the yard.    It's not the first time, but it's always special to me. 

I try to grab on to those moments, but I they really do slip through my fingers like sand. I know that's cliche, but it's also true.   I was trying think of some special moments with my kids, where I was Super Mom and extraordinary parenting took place.

I couldn't think of anything.  

I know, you are being gracious and thinking, "Dapoppins, you know those moments must have happened. Most parents get those moments now and then- maybe you just didn't notice it."  

Or maybe you are thinking something totally different.  

The thing is, I feel like there is so much I have already lost and forgotten, the way my kids have forgotten what it was like to get their first taste of ice cream.  

I try to grab on to the now.  But I feel that slipping through my fingers too.  My youngest son just turned thirteen.  At thirteen both his brothers hit a growth spurt and by fourteen their voices had changed.  

It is the job of parenting to teach our children to become adults.  

Mine are becoming adults.

I really want to stop doing my job and turn them into toddlers again.  



  1. I love the way you write! You must be like the bestest Mom in the world!



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