French Horses

My Mom just got back from more overseas travels. This time it was Greece.  About this time last year she took me along for the ride on one of her trips.

 I'm still talking about it to whoever will listen.

These are some photos of my favorite animal - and related equipage, that I snapped on my cell phone while we were there.  I had meant to post this back then and never got around to it for some reason or another.

The above were all from this wonderful carriage house.
 I think I lost some of the photos. I know I took a ton, but-  (sigh)

these beauties hosted tours...I believe one of them is blind. 

Asian horse art from  Musee de Guimet

A giant head from the Luvre


It was an amazing trip. 



  1. Beautiful pictures and even better memories.

    Sorry that I haven't been blogging that much.
    Time...all I need is more time.


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