Art Journal & Art Play

I was working on something else when this guy just appeared...

It was the start of a sweet whimsy face, but this little lost fellow came out of no where.

When I plot a story I usually start with one scene, one idea.  When I work on a page that will go into my art journal, I do the same.  The idea was to practice making cute, adorable girl faces, but what I ended up with reminds my boys a little too much of this character called Slenderman.  He's some freaky guy from a video game they are not allowed to play but still know all about.

He looks like a bit like a skeleton to me.  Or a forgotten harlequin doll lost in the attic, or the Moon Man looking for a friend.  So what do you think.  Want to play?



  1. Amazing Dana, loved your figure and your background as well!

  2. I don't think he's creepy or at all like slender man. And while he's not an adorable girl, I think he's pretty cute! Yeah, I'll play. : )

  3. Slender Man is c-r-e-e-p-y!!! But this guy is very cool indeed, love him! Thanks for playing along with the Gauche Alchemy challenge!


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