A Daily Effort Not To Worry - What I Did This Summer

Summer is suppose to be about relaxing.  

tempature, summer heat,

But I don't feel relaxed at all.  

There has been an amazing amount of busy-ness going on: work, self imposed deadlines, work, transporting kids, sleepovers, family drama, drop-ins, pressures, health challenges, work, book reading, church going, house cleaning, counseling, event planning, work , helping others complete tasks, feeding kids, arguing with kids, schedule mix-ups, etc

And worry.  

I wish I ddin't have to list worry in there, because I know, by adding it to the mix, I just complicate and weigh things down, but being out of control and uncertain always is a key cause for me to worry.  I have to make the daily effort to NOT worry, to not get overwhelmed, to not let anxiety force me into depression.  

Someday's I do better than others.  Some days I just "Look UP" with a Faith Perspective, at the Truth of Promises Kept, instead of down in the dirt at reality.  

Oh, I'm going all Christian on you.  This is the reality of life following Christ.  I've been told it's a crutch - that it makes you weak, or that I am weak, because I need religion to get through life- and hooo-Lawdy, is that true.  I am so thankful I don't have to go it alone. I need Jesus, because He keeps His promises to provide, to heal, to teach, to love,  to answer me when I call.  

I don't want to do this alone. 

I hope everyone gets their moment to relax. 

 Because I know with the next tick of the clock we all have work to get done.   



  1. I need Jesus to get through this life. I have to have him. Don't know what i'd do without him.


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