Scrapbooking Old Family Photos - Making My History Pretty

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My mom sent me a box of photos to put in scrapbooks. She sent it over a year ago and I'm still working my way through all the lovey memories.  I have two albums for her -mostly finished- one for family and one for her travels.  But there were so many photos.  I'm not sure yet if I am going to start another album for her, or just keep an album for myself.

My mom, (formally known as The Mom Stalker- because she reads the blog and never comments) likes purples, floral patterns (preferably in shades of purple) and fairies.  I was able to make some of the photos she sent fit her purple standard, but old photos are so difficult to frame and match colors and theme.  Despite there being loads of wonderful vintage themed scrapbook papers, I still struggle with pairing papers with photographs from the 60's and 70's.

I love this new shabby, messy, photo-journal style of memory keeping that I have seen on lots of blogs. It seems to fit the older photos. (I still like clean, cute and slightly cluttered of course, but I trying new things is always fun and challenging.)

dapoppins, childhood photos, 1970's photo

I use a mix of old and older supplies.  Almost everything I buy is on sale or from a discount place.  I love,, and  Also, my local JoAnn Fabric, may not have the best selection of recent paper releases, but they always have a 40% off coupon or something on sale for 40% off.  

childhood, 1970's photo, dapoppins, scrapbooking

childhood, 1970's photos, dapoppins, scrapbook page

childhood, 1970

That pink frame under the baloons is a Hambly rub-on.  It must have gotten hot at some point, because it was fused to the clear sheet, so I just cut it out like a transparency.  When Hambly closed their doors the rub-on's went on sale.  I made sure to buy some (okay, as many as I could afford.)

I've noticed fewer companies are making rub-on's now. Or at least not making as wide a selection.  And I love them!

ugliest couch, Mom & me, scrapbook, dapoppins

The splotches on the page are on purpose.  My husband was kind of mystified by that, but I liked the idea of some messy texture.  There are some swipes of gesso at the bottom and top of the photo block too.  A special touch to this page is vintage flocked wallpaper I bought off of etsy.  My grandmother had flocked wallpaper.  I know some people thought it was gaudy even then, but I loved it.  I thought it was so very elegant. Now it reminds me of my childhood. 

ugliest couch, Mom & Me, old photo's, dapoppins

I have a lot of photos of my brother and I seated on this couch!  I'm sure I'll be posting more of them.

How have you scraped your old photos?  I would love to see!

Don't forget there is great inspiration for cards, scrapbook layouts, mixed media, and all sorts of crafty goodness over at Party Time Tuesdays, as well as a fantastic weekly challenge where you can win prizes!

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  1. I used to have a couch almost exactly like that one!! Ha! Brings back warm & fuzzy memories. I love that you've scrapped some older pics. I really need to do some myself. I can't keep up with the current ones though!
    Thanks for being on our PTT team!


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