Focus my One Little Word for 2014

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It is time to FOCUS.  Time to look straight ahead.  Set aside distractions.  Set aside discouragement.  Look forward.  Look toward a goal.  Start small - end Big.

"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” ― Zig Ziglar
These last two years, picking one Word for the year to help guide and direct me, has had tremendous impact.  It helped me look beyond my circumstance.  It gave me hope and determination when I had none.  Those words re-shaped each year.

This year the word is FOCUS.

Are you a creative person? Is it just me, or do creative people have several projects going at once, grand plans, and a stash of stuff set aside just because of the possibility? On top of the creative plans, there are  family and  home demands- have to take two hours to make, eat, and clean up dinner when there are a hundred other things needing to be done at the same time.  Daily responsibilities and distractions get in the way of dreams.

Creative people are drawn to lots of things.  Sometime the most random things draw my interest simply because I see a story in it.  I love family history and memorabilia because of the story in them.  I love this certain plate pattern made by English pottery Gildea & Walker because of the story in the pattern.  And color.  I can never get enough color.  I flit about like a butterfly, drawn to flower after flower because of the marvelous color.  All of my passions seem to start with these two sources: The Story and The Color.

I do flutter about quite a bit like a butterfly.  But even the butterfly has goals.

So this year.  It's all about focus.


The other OLW:

2012- All.  "-All things work together for those who are in Christ Jesus.  We struggled financially and several times almost missed a mortgage payment but God was our All every time.  I was afraid to trust God with ALL because I didn't want to deal with the emotional pain of our struggles. 

2013- Go. "-go in to the land and possesses it.  I will be with you."  I went to France for sixteen days and out of town for 14 days at the beginning of this year after not even leaving home area for sixteen years. 



  1. This is such a great post! I think the word "focus" is an excellent one for the year. It will adapt to any situation too.

  2. Me, myself and I need a fire lit under our butt, for lack of MOTIVATION.
    FOCUS is a good one too.
    Good luck to us both.

  3. a great word and a nice verse



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