Hopefully this won't be too annoying, but to keep updated with family and friends, I'm going to post my travel plans and itinerary.  I'm not worried about  evil sneak thief's and robbers coming to my home while I am gone because my husband will be guarding the home front with his trusty pop-gun the whole time.  This is the mother-daughter trip I never thought possible, gifted by my mom and made possible by my Grandma Fire Engine who was also a world traveler.

Thursday Sept 19:   fly to LA  leave at  3:45 p.m.
                               arrive Paris, France 11:45 a.m

France seems to have Wi-Fi available so I should be able to post or have a "hang-out" with the kids.  We have been practicing this for the last two months, with me calling every computer in the house to see if I can get it to work. My mom is even bringing her Samsung Tab along just to make video chat's easier.  I don't know about everyone else, but only my kids seem consistently photogenic during face time.  (Kids, are you reading this?  That's right.  Mom just gave you a compliment.  You know it's true.)

We start and end in Paris, and in between it is almost a different place every night.  I'm taking lots of Dramamine for the bus, Alkaselter for the wine tasting, and my pillow from home.  I will be missing home a lot but this is the adventure of a life time.  I haven't really traveled since...since...1997 when I was blessed to take that short term mission trip to Brazil.




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