Air bus

These  long flights are on big planes...I mean big's one of those with  an upstairs, downstairs and a special red carpet and separate entrance for first class.  I always wonder about what's really behind the it like one of those famous rail cars? Mom is not happy that we are on an airbus...she keeps coming up wwith  metaphors.."it's s a cattle car!"  "Creighted like chickens!" "giant pig pen!"  She seems focused on farm animals witch isn't very nice when I worked always so hard on my travel outfit.
I was too excited to sleep much last night and had to get up early  to start the first part of the journey.  The flight to France is about 10 hours.  Does anyone else have trouble sleeping on air planes?  It's  quite warm on the plane and even If there is plenty of leg room, there's no room to pick up anything I drop. And I keep dropping things.
There are all kinds of people on the plane and from all kinds of places.  Everyone seems to be in very positive moods.   I don't keep know how many times I've heard Paris called "the most romantic city on earth"  It might be so... There are many cute couples on the plane trying to cuddle in the awkward airplane seats.  Although i wouldn't mind my husband sitting next to me, to my thinking is it's much too warm for a cuddle.  I can barely breathe as it is and I have seen several men and women wearing scarves.  I knew a scarf could be cute - I brought one with me but -  but I wear one for warmth not a chic European fashion statement.




  1. Everything looks so different on that plane. You look great!

  2. That's some kind of plane you are in. WOW!
    Tomorrow when I leave Anchorage, AK I will be looking at a blank piece of plastic until I lower it to make it a plain old food/drink tray. Salad and sandwiches (for a fee) is all that was offered on the almost 7 hour flight from TX to AK, along with a free small soda or water. Booze has a fee.
    Four seats across? Three was the most on my 3 flights to Alaska. That's one BIG plane you have there. I shit you not!
    My trip ends Sunday and yours is just beginning. It's a beautiful world that we live in. :0)


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