An UN-birthday To Remember

When you are silly enough to follow the rabbit, there is always a possibility that you might fall down the rabbit hole and into a bit of wonderfulness.  Or is that Wonderland? 

Our dear family, (my sister-in-law Patty and my niece Sara, the most hilarious mother and daughter team I have ever met!) Planned and prepared the most colorful, creative, fun filled UN-Birthday party for my entire family. We walked in expecting fun and food.

What we got was an ADVENTURE down the Rabbit hole.  Complete with amazing homemade decorations, games and a competition to win sweet and fun prizes. I had to ride a cow and capture the most daughter soundly bested me at the cow riding, but I did quite well on the Momeraths.

We didn't know where to turn.  There was love, blessing, and spectacular UN-ness everywhere. Hanging on the ceiling, covering the floor, lining the walls.  We were in a place of laughter and wonder.  Although this half of the family- my husbands brother's bunch: three kids - one now married and stationed in Japan, one daughter living and working in another state, and Sara living at home and working hard- this half of the family only live about an hour away, we hardly seem to see them more than once or twice a year.  BUT when we do...!!! I am always left speechless.

 Our hostesses...Sara wanted me to remind everyone that since this was an UN day, her clothes were UN-matching. 

This is us.  I think we pulled off the UN pretty well to.  

We had so much fun.  We were so blessed.  We ATE so much SUGAR.  (we are still eating treats from the party!)

And I was really blown-away by the hidden talent.  Patty said that she brought Sara a small picture from Alice and Wonderland and asked, "Could you make this bigger?"  And so Sara did.  By hand. When Patty saw the "quality to be had," she just kept giving Sara pictures to draw and paint, until there was a house full of characters from the story. 

When I walked in the front door and saw Wonderland.  You know what I said, right?

Yeah.  "I am so going to blog this!"



  1. So creative and fun!

  2. Aw...what great fun! They really went to a lot of work to make your visit there a very special one. What a neat idea for a get-together. I'm glad to hear you had such a good time. :)


    Some days I so wish I could escape down the rabbit hole...


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