How to answer, "Why do you love me?"

I think women have little trouble answering the question, "Why do you love me?" because we spend time thinking about it, pondering the meaning, weighing the pros and cons of a relationship, testing the longevity of our feeling by seeing if the answers to this question will last a lifetime.

At least, that is the way it is for me. I asked myself dozens of times, "Why do I love him?" before I entered into marriage. I weighed the answers. I even listed them on paper to be sure.

I have trouble imaging a young man doing this.


  1. Her body
  2. Her boobs
  3. Her butt
  4. Her face
  5. Everything else.
A truly insightful guy might add "the way she makes me feel, " to the list. (IMPORTANT: Note to young men, these are NOT the answers a young lady longs to hear from her man.)

Am I right? Correct me if I am wrong. I dare you. DARE YOU! Help me develop a list of quick answers to the best question a lady can ever ask her man. I plan to paper the internet with the list, so that the next time some poor dude googles, "Why do you love me?" answers, a definitive list will be there for all to see. 

(for deeper, more sincere and spiritual insights, visit my husband's blog today.)





  1. I am sure a kind heart is on there somewhere. :)

    And I'm so glad you turned on comments again!

  2. I think my husband gives a pretty decent answer to this. He says, "Because you're YOU."

    That works for me.

  3. My husband read through my joke list last night and laughed, he thought that any male still letting his testosterone drive the car would agree with that list. I don't mind that men have testosterone, I just wanted an answer to what makes me different from the general public. the big difference is most men don't spend time "thinking" about this question and are usually caught off guard by it.

    Tristi, your mans answer is great, very satisfying, making you the special element for his love...and not something you do for him. :) I love that!

    I think I have thought about this wayyyy too much.

  4. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Comments on!!!!!

    Mmmmm, I don't ask that question.

    Btw, I'm gonna' show a floor plan of downstairs [our house] tomorrow. Feel free to do the same.<--Very lightly veiled hint, hu? -giggles-


  5. I recently tried a similar task with my husband
    and it ended up making me more angry than satisfied. men!

  6. the best answer for male and female why do you love me question

    1. Because you complete all that I am not

    there it is in a nut shell without the shell

    ditto on comments on

  7. Wow! I was about to suggest something, and then I read the last comment by Paige. Ditto!


  8. Hm... I don't have a clue what Jack would say...

    Why do I love Jack? My heart is a puzzle. It had been missing a particular shaped piece. When I met Jack, slid into the hole perfectly without me having to pound the piece to make it fit. :o)

  9. back to comments girl? does it feel to get the feedback again?..SEE? I'm still reading!.(hugsss)

  10. "Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,..."
    Polonius-Hamlet Act 2 Scene 2 91

    My wife wanted me to say something pithy, however I must confess my inability to be tersely cogent, which should not be confused with my ability to be sardonic. Fortunately I am feeling neither laconic, precise or meaningful so, I will stop here and simply say to all that I love her.

  11. I would just get the "look" if I asked that question.

    Thanks for you kind words this am, they mean a lot.



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