Visiting Nevada

Have you ever traveled with your kids...or with only one of your kids, leaving the rest of your family at home?

So here I am, in Reno, Nevada. Wait. I just outed where some of my family lives. Maybe no one will notice? Stalkers and individuals of nefarious intent, beware, the family in this town has connections with the Sheriff department...

Okay, with that out of the way...

My dearest, only niece is graduating high school. So I had to be here to see it. And, if you have been reading despite my lack of consistent reciprocal blog visitations, I had to miss my youngest son's kindergarten graduation, and find somewhere for him to be since the Husband is busy with stuff like earning money for us to spend on gas...

Anyway...I took my four year old daughter on an air plane for the first time. She had a blast. I thought we were all going to die. We left rain behind for 80 degree sunshine and blue skys and brown dust and sand and slot machines everywhere...

We brought our stuff to the hotel, err, my mom's house. And after not having visited my mom's house for years I realized something shocking. We both have the same decorating style. Clutter and dust and keep every little memento form your lifetime and everyone else lifetime. I mean, she even has a box of toys for my daughter to search through...and we have never been here before. In fact, I believe the last time a child searched through that box was eight years ago?

Oh my dear fairies of baroque and shabby antiques.

I am going to go home and get rid of stuff. I promise.

Anyway...she (the mother figure) took us: myself, my daughter, my niece, my nephew and my brother, (who rode in on a train) out to dinner at P.F. Changes. I have never been there. It was yummy.

And then we came back to her (the mother figure) abode to argue for several hours over my brother's hair style and if he should change it for his daughter's (my niece's) graduation. He looks like a white wizard from Lord of the Rings....big nose, long yellowish, white ish hair...


I would insert a picture but this post is coming from my mom's lap top.

maybe she will let me take it home...the lap top, not my brother.

Anyway. No pretzel bread sandwiches. Yet. I better get my sandwich.

And...well. My daughter did not sleep at all last night for wanting her Daddy and her boys. Which means I didn't sleep. But I wouldn't have slept anyway, cause I was missing my man and my boys, and well, it was too hot. Hot. I tell you, until about 4a.m. when it was nice, but my feet were cold.



  1. What a bizarre feeling that must be! Neil gets to experience that next month, traveling with Emma and leaving Becca and I at home.

    Hope you get that sandwich soon!

  2. Reno? I am four hours from there... Psshhh...

    All in all though, this post made me laugh. I espec. loved your brother's description. To be the sister of Gandolf! What a privilege! :)

    Too bad he's not a white wizard! He could just zap you a sandwich...
    And P.F. Changs.
    Anytime you wanted...


  3. I have done that (traveling alone with a kid) though I always drove. Glad things are going sort of well. My mom and I do that too--the keep everything though moving 8 times in 11 years of marriage broke me of that habit.

  4. I care ... and you made me laugh.
    It's a great post .. to live through you.

    What did your brother the frightening wizard decide?? About the hair. You could do a before and after shot - Gandalf before/ after posting. :-)

  5. Hate traveling with kids!
    Gotta love your mom for putting you guys up at the chauteau
    (I don't think i spelled that right)

  6. I hope your trip was divine.

  7. I think travelling with one kid would be fun! I always had a blast when just me and my mom went somewhere!
    Enjoy Reno...get up to Tahoe if you can, I'll bet it's gorgeous right now.

  8. Teehee!!! Thanks for the smiles!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    kari & kijsa

  9. Hope you are getting some sleep. And a pretzel sandwich. I think I could use one of them, too. Be sure to post a photo so I can make one for myself. I don't do that kind of heat. Not even for pretzel sandwiches.

  10. That's interesting...I thought everyone out that way had air conditioning. Hurry home; I'm sure your hubby and boys miss you, too!

  11. aw it so tough bein a mom aint it?..!..congrads and try to enjoy !!

  12. Rarely make long trips - let alone with any of the kids. However, I did once visit my sister in NY - toting along my 18 month old daughter (and pregnant with my son). Haven't done it since =) Blessings... Polly

  13. What a funny post! Hope you had a good visit with your family and congratulations to you neice!

    Take care - see you soon - Kellan

  14. I've already talked with you about your trip so I have a boring comment except for....hmmm, garlic parmesan pretzels. I hope they had lots of diet coke with lotsa ice.

    I think everyone here is better now. I wish I got better that fast.

  15. Sorry, but I laughed so hard at the "I thought we were all going to die" line. That's exactly how I feel on a plane!


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