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Tonia at the Family Jewels tagged me cause' she's sweet like that...

Five things to do before I die:
1. Finish scrap books
2. Go to Italy with my husband
3. Take a Mother/Daughter vacation and not have one argument
4. Learn discipline
5. Organize my life

Five things I can do:
1. Love -
2. Open -
3. Make -
4. See -
5. Take good answers from other people's blogs for a meme.

Five things I cannot do yet:
1. Speak Spanish
2. Ride a unicycle
3. Go without taking my Happy-pills
4. Find car keys
5. Take great pictures.

Five things that attract me to my husband:
1. Shoulders
2. Laughter
3. Dimples
4. Integrity
5. Honor

I was also tagged for the eight random things meme by the amusing and talented 'Erin-Go-Braghless' (People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules--but I am not going to post rules because you probably already know them.)

1. These things came out of my Grandma Fire-Engine's house. I took them all home with me because I am greedy, but I don't really need any of it.
2. I wanted to take pictures like this and this and this, but I don't think my pictures look half as nice. I have a terrible case of picture envy. Everyone I know can take a better, more artistic photo than I can. I wish I knew how to put pretty frames on them so they didn't look so plain
3. The little doll in the picture was one I played with at my Grandma's house when I was a child. Sure, her hair is fuzzy and falling out, sure, that dress is too big for her, but she was always my favorite, and I loved this outfit best. I don't know why. Maybe it is her sweet expression, or maybe all the other dolls picked on her and I felt sorry for her.
4. The Bed Time Story Book was on Grandma's book shelf. She owns hundreds of books. I think she must be one of the people I inherited my book-love form. When I was young, I had no idea that many of the books on her shelf were classic tittles even an early 1887 print of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.
5. My husband and I saw the musical Les Miserables together our first year of marriage. I bought him the soundtrack for Christmas one year. We love it. I don't think I have listened to the soundtrack, however, since my last child was born. I have no idea why.
6. My Grandfather made the picture of the cat when he was in school. It is painted. I wanted it because it was his.
7. There are two quilts in the picture, an unfinished one with embroidery that my daughter wants for her room and a finished one with some damage that needs to be fixed. They both could use a good dry cleaning.
8. I can't sew. Any volunteers?




  1. Your post was very fun to read today! Thank you for playing along with the meme.

    Your better than a gold star gift will be mailed out by Wednesday...I'll email you when I send it.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. meme meme meme, meme meme meme meme, me-i me-i oh!

    Very fun, I agree.

    The dolly looks like a q-pie doll.

  3. Oh, me and sewing do NOT mix. Bad times.

  4. Fun stuff, Dapoppins! I like doing memes. I thought I would tag you with this meme, if you would like to participate! If you prefer not to, then that's fine too!

  5. I sort of sew but I promise you you don't want me within three feet of any project you want done, lol!

    LOVE the stuff from your grandma's house! So vintage!

  6. Oooh...I tagged you today for a meme too. I understand if you feel all memed out though.

  7. Oh my! What lovely goodies from Grandma's house! I just visited where my grandparents lived. Everything is gone. All gone... Sigh.


  8. Love the kitty photo. Cool

  9. I think your pictures are wonderful. What's a grandma fire-engine house?

  10. Isn't it amazing that no matter how long it's been those warm feelings and fond memories come rushing back when you see an old and treasured "baby" you once played with?


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