Depends Moment

No, this isn't my kitty. This is just how I am feeling today. I was going to post that one of the kitty hanging from a rope that says "Hang In There!" but this did not describe my disgruntled, abstract, would-rather-be-sleeping kind of feeling.
We attended a birthday party last week at a bouncy place. It was a double/shared party. Two families broke the bank and rented the entire place for two and a half hours. There were forty kids, plus parents, (Moms and a few Dads) It was a building filled with those outdoor rent-able bouncy houses, slides and obstacle courses, an active, climbing child's dream. I am thinking, can I afford this for a birthday party? Ummmm. No. Hey, can we afford to come back during free play? Ummmmm. $7.50 x 4 = NO. So, since we would not be returning to this stuffy, stinky ,sock smelling, bounce o' rama I had to join in the fun and play with my kids. Hey, who wouldn't want to climb that ten foot plastic nylon wall and side straight down the other side while holding a three your old and being chased by a five year old, right? C'mon. You know you want to. And then there was the bounce dodge ball. OH JOY. Now, I have told you before what happens to me when I jump up and come down. Yes I have. I thought if I use the bathroom first I will not have that problem. That, female I- gave-birth-to-10 pound-babies-with-body-mass-equal-to-a-watermelon, leakage problem. Yes. I said leakage. You can quote me. So, I used the potty before playtime and I was sure I was finished using the potty. But the bouncing dodge ball all most did me in. So I went back to the potty. A tiny bit of pee came out. I am just saying. This is only ten minutes after the first visit. One boy is knocking on the door. "You have to go again?" and the daughter is off who knows where sliding down who knows what. I return to the bouncing. Guess what? There is still leakage. How can that be? I swear, I don't have to pee. Mama needs new underwear, here people. So I go back to the potty and nothing comes out. "Mom,again?" I hear. Still nothing. So I bounce on the toilet to see if there is any More bouncing. The toilet rocks a bit and I decide this might not be a good idea.
I try to play again.
Guess what?
Next time? I am just going to get some Depends. Or something.



  1. awwwwwwwww...taint easy being a girl!..dang!..dont jump! Heh

  2. You are HILARIOUS! Thank you for the much needed laugh today.

    I am sorry for wasn't at you it was for you.

    I hope that you don't feel like that kitty for long.

  3. Oh, I hear ya. I've had four watermelons myself. There is nothing like an ill-timed sneeze to ruin a gal's day.

  4. You can tell you are a mom because you said the word, "potty" hehehehe.

  5. *ROFL*
    I think there might have been a line to the bathroom if we went with you. *L*

  6. the cost of entering the bounce house: $7.50
    Cost of Depends: $7.00
    Cost of no leakage while bouncing your heart out: priceless! :)

  7. Know what happens if I laugh to hard? You got it... LEAKAGE. LOL... OOPS.

    I feel ya... When I had my hysterectomy, the endometriosis was in its third stage. My bladder had to be peeled loose. It has never been the same. Sigh.

  8. You said pee. Heh heh

    My sympathies to you. I have the same problem when I sneeze. Sucks, doesn't it?

  9. The days of going without some sort of maxi pad protection are over for me don't feel too badly. I'm down with that.

  10. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Hello - your post gave me a big smile at the end of my long day! Women and peeing - sometimes not a beautiful thing. I can so relate. Thank you for leaving me a comment at my blog! I have responded to your question about how I hung my wall mirrors via a comment in that particular post. Send me a photo via email if you do something like that! With love, Esther Sunday

  11. Hi! I hopped by to see your blog after your kind visit to mine. You made me smile and I can totally relate! I can't even laugh anymore, let alone sneeze or bounce. It's nice (I guess, although I wouldn't wish this on anyone) to know that I am not alone.

  12. I too am laughing....not at you, but the story itself. While I didn't actually "birth" my children the natural way, rather through my stomach, I can relate. Leakage isn't a problem, but the bikini line will never be the
    The sacrafice we women are willing to make for our beloved kiddos ;)

  13. Anonymous6:40 AM

    I'm sorry to laugh at your 'pain' but you are so funny!! ;)

  14. Hi,
    I wanted to come visit you after your visit and nice comments on my blog. I'll make sure to stop by more often ;-)
    I talked on my blog not too long ago about that quirkly little problem I have after giving birth, lol no trampoline jumping, or bouncing for me...most of the time, I have trouble if I need to sneeze!

  15. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I was lied to - i did my kegals faithfully and still have this problem.

  16. Yay for you for talkin' about it!

    I lost complete bladder control after I had my first. Most miserable 24 hours of my life.

    Sympathies. Huge sympathies.

    And a few giggles.

  17. What size to those Depends come in? If I don't get baby #3 potty-trained soon I may need to invest. Me and him! hehehehe

  18. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Oh yes. Sadly, after a few watermelon-births of my own, I know exactly what you're talking about here...

  19. I live in L.A. where you can get coupons for "vaginal rejuvenation" in the Sunday paper. I used to snicker, but now I get it. You are not alone! Hold tight (literally, right?)

  20. Are ya feeling better today?

  21. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I have that same problem but I"ve only had one kid, whats my stinkin problem!


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