Where does wisdom go?

"As we mature, a strange thickening of the waist area occurs. I believe that this is simply the result of all the wisdom we have acquired through our years of experience. This wisdom must reside in us somewhere, so it takes up residence near our waist, as it wants to be centrally located. This expanding "wisdom waist" means that our pant waists are now searching, searching, searching for the smallest part of our body where they may come to rest. Unfortunately, that place eventually ends up being somewhere underneath the bottom of our bra." ---Anita Renfroe, from The Purse-driven Life (It's really all about me)

I often joke that my butt is on backwards. I mean that my behind-fat squished around to the front of my body. This was caused by the pressure and weight of four babies in about six years (give or take a year.) I never had much of a sitting pad to begin with. But these days, elastic pants catch on that ridge of flub in the front, and sag way down in the caboose. If I bend over you see the plumber crack. But I am smart. I start pulling the back up before I bend over. If I didn't my kids would think they had to insert a letter in the resulting crack. Low rider jeans may compress the front butt, but I have no back butt for them to hang onto. So I wear a belt now at all times.

I love Anita's insight about my centrally located wisdom. Yeah. That sounds about right.



  1. Well, at least this brings a little comfort to all the "wisdom" I have collected over the years. *smile*

  2. If that is the case...then I am very, VERY wise.

  3. it's late... this post made me giggle... and then the comments made me giggle more...
    um... er... thank goodness for wisdom?!?!

  4. I've always said that each child you give birth to takes a bunch of your brain cells with them as they come out of the birth canal....that and your energy!

  5. Anonymous11:29 PM

    it's never too late to get a good pair of rainbow suspenders

  6. Having given birth to a 13 pound baby by c-section and 5 years later having a hysterectomy via the same route, my tummy no longer looks like a tummy. It looks like a butt. A big ole saggy butt. Sigh.

    I, too, am, indeed, VERY wise. ;o)

  7. That's funny.

    If I have any sort of lower cut top on (it does not have to be considered low cut) I always immediately put my hand on my heart when bending down just in case. It is so funny you just intuitively pull your pants up in the back when bending down.


    Hey, my post is about not having enough wisdom! I need to turn forty , really I do. I suffer the need of it.

  8. I've often said that part of my brain is expelled with the placenta during each birth, so it makes sense that during the process the wisdom leeches out into the middle of me during the extrusion of my placenta and pieces of my brain. That would explain why as we get older our memory goes but we become more wise.

  9. lol..I can relate hun! hiya!..back from my trip..ty for all the comments while I was gone! :)

  10. Anonymous10:46 PM

    I am a very wise woman then. Thanks for making my day!

  11. Maturity, wisdom...I can't handle all this seriousness.

    I like rainbow suspenders.


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