My Story

As a graduate from the brick and mortar Nanny School,  Northwest Nannies Institute  - I am not only a certified Nanny, but add in 20 years of experience plus some kids of my own, and I feel like the only thing Mary Poppins can do that I don't do, is fly! I love caring for your children and I  have the same skills as a preschool teacher. I love sharing my practical knowledge and experience with Mom's and other Nannies.  When it comes to story time and play time, I am a professional with the umbrella that can point the way.  And yes, I am as silly as that sounds!

Children have taught me how to play and tell stories, so much so that I'm working toward a goal of doing a little of both everyday.   We all have a story worthy of sharing.   Dapoppins is a place where I will share my story through creativity and encourage you ( and your kids too) how to share your own unique and powerful story.

We can all share our story,  fearlessly, through an endless array of mediums.  Art or words - nothing should stop us from recording our stories.