Resets and Late Starts

2016 and 2017
Goals, Stumbles, Projects, and Just-NOT-getting it done.

Hey guys, I thought I needed to post a little something to my ten or so regular readers who might be wondering where I went.  Because I can do that.  This is my website after all - I don't need to be all fake cake and pretend that I followed through and finished things I said I was gonna finish - or that I kept all my promises.  

Cause, you might have noticed, I didn't.  Get things done or keep my promises.  

Or get all the details of the new website look put into place.  UHG. I don't know if you noticed but a few of the links don't work and some of the spaces where there should be something awesome there is something old and outdated or nothing at all.  It feels kind of half finished and overwhelming.  What do you think?  Do you like this set up?  Should I do something to make it better?  

And just to check in, nothing bad has happened to me.  We have been blessed with No health problems, my husband has been working hard at two jobs so I could have more time with the family and to do the things I love.  There have been no major changes.  

And yet in October 2016 I dropped that "ball" of good intentions and big "git-er-done" goals and fumbled it so bad that I wasn't able to get it picked up again. 

Ha!  Sports reference!  Maybe.  I don't watch much sports unless it's on in a home where someone else is watching it and I don't have the liberty to turn it off.  That might be a sports reference.  I think. Well, there is a ball, anyway, right?

My goal was to give away a free audio book for children and families.  Getting a good recording worthy of giving away has proven difficult.  I'm almost there - but the things I need to get it done, such as a quiet home, a good microphone, and an ability to pronounce words I've said a hundred times -  all of those things have been illusive.  So I never sent out a free audio book.  

Concurrently, I am working on the editing the children's book of my heart and getting it sent to real live agents in hopes of earning a big publishing contract.  I struggle big time with the certainty that it isn't good enough or publishable in the current market, so despite being so close to finishing and getting it out there - I just haven't.  I also haven't had much actual "work on the book time" available to me. 

2016 was busy.  I don't know why.  I had a couple of commissions, I worked with Nancy on   I worked on a couple of projects,  in my art journal and bible.  I discovered I have a terrible lack of self control and obsessive need to own every craft product on the market that I can't afford.  

Then we had a weather event.  My kids ( and husband )  have missed a total of 9 days of school.  This had a huge impact on my intention to jump head first in 2017 after Christmas break.  

I have trouble focusing on the things that matter and the things that need to get done instead things that are easy (like naps) and shiny (like glitter.) I've had a year of doctor appointments to get an autism diagnosis for one of my sons ( two of my kids are spectrum and my daughter is...almost but not quite.)  

2016 was not a bad year for me, but I am floundering finding my focus for 2017.  Yet, 2017 is going to happen.  Because there are dreams that must be chased.  

Feel free to visit for my latest post on grabbing a hold of some of those other dreams and goals.  

Have you ever dropped the ball?  What did you do to pick it up again.  What if there was more than one ball? And how the heck did you you get them all in the air and ready for the pass again and wait - who did you pass it too?

(humm, in hindsight, maybe I should have used a juggling metaphor.) 



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