Tuesday, November 19

Changing It

I'm waiting for motivation to get me goin' for the day, for a glorious burst of energy to propel me out of bed, force me forward on it's tidal wave of ambition, into the shower, nice clean clothes, fixed hair, and into the bright and shiny day.


Any second now.

Here. It. Comes.

And there it went.

I think I need to get another cup of coffee.

When my days are motivated with a job start time, I have to get up and going to get to the client on time.  If I smell or itch too much, I will be motivated into that shower.  Clean clothes always.  Okay, usually.

When my days are unstructured and I am my only boss, well.

My bed is so warm.

My house is so cold.

And the kids are at school.  It's so quiet.  Shouldn't I make use of this quiet?  Shouldn't I honor this quiet by...doing nothing?

The work of life change can be fun...but getting to the fun part is hard.  And there are a lot of things about this life that I want to take responsibility for.

I went to a women's conference at church Friday and Saturday that was so right on, so for me, you would think Someone had planned it for me.  I don't usually go to women's conferences.  They are usually expensive, (this one wasn't too bad, but less work for me = less cash for me), they're usually uncomfortable, (there are a lot of women there, you know)  and the teaching often isn't something I haven't heard (20 years in the church = lots of good teaching.)  That sounds a little judgmental even to my ears, but, it's my true experience.  I know it's not always the case, however, which when I felt like this would be a good thing for me to do (more of that Holy Spirit direction kind of thing) so with a little blessings from other's I managed to get there.

The speaker was Havilah Cunnington.  She had a multi-layered, life rocking, laughter generating, thought provoking message. In other words, the woman knows what she is sayin'.

One word that stuck with me, that is even hitting me now, is Responsibility.

I'm easily overwhelmed and distracted.  When I was working almost everyday, I shifted my daily burdens around so that I only really carried the job burden.  Sometimes I made dinner for the kids, but mostly I let my husband, because, I had to work, or had just come from work.  Sometimes I did a few other necessary things, but mostly it was work.  And my job isn't that hard or mind consuming.  But I was working, and had no time for 90% of my mom responsibilities much less my dreams, my goals, my daily ambitions.  I was working, therefore everything that could be deferred was deferred.

Facebook wasn't deferred.
Countless worthless books that I wanted to read were not deferred.
Lazing in bed when I had the chance- not deferred

Lot's of other stuff, like the long conversations my son needs to feel loved and understood...that was deferred or given away to my husband or ignored until a better time. Because I had to "work"  or "go to work"  or "take a nap because I have to work later."

I gave away, ignored and put off my responsibilities.

Weather your a Jesus Believer or not, a Holy Spirit Listener, or not, you know as a person you have certain responsibilities to yourself and those around you.  This life, and what I do with it everyday, is controlled by me.  Not my circumstances.  I choose how I live.  I choose how I power through the storm, or hide in the storm, or sink or swim, have an angry disappointed disillusioned attitude or have a positive, there's sun coming attitude. I choose what to value, how to spend my time, where to put my focus.

You know the difference between a successful person and a poor unsuccessful one?

          How they spend their time.

A successful person and a poor unsuccessful person are both given the same basic thing to start with.


How am I using mine?

Am I taking responsibility for how I use my time or making excuses?

How I use my time is the one major contributing factor of life change.

So...Today I am going to make every effort to use my time wisely.  Make the most of it.  Accomplish something and move forward.

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Wonderful post! Very well-written!

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