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DAPOPPIN'S RECIPE for WITCH REPELLENT and Extra Strong and Useful Magic Brew

So, if you didn't know and I hadn't told you already a hundred times, my day job besides being a mom and an adult in-home care giver, is as a Nanny.

I'd much rather be Mary Poppins then that girl from Adventures in Babysitting.  There is something so much more dignified in an umbrella.   A nanny is an educated woman who comes to your home with a purpose.  A babysitter is a girl who comes to your house because she didn't have a date.

Anyway, as a Nanny, I not only put kids to bed on time I also bring creative ideas to teach and entertain.

Surrounded by beautiful Autumn colors and brisk Autumn air it is so easy to be inspired.

One day a certain four year old and I were talking about Halloween costumes, (she's going to be a kitty cat ballerina) and I said something about witches.

"Do you think there are real witches?  Will I see any on Halloween?   Will she look all ugly like the witch from Hansel and Gretel?"  asked the big eyed 4 year old.

This is such a great age.  Stories are still so real.  Santa still comes down the chimney and toys still talk.  I love this precious magic of childhood.

"Well, I know this story of this young girl and her little black dog who came home one day.  Everyone else was gone, her Mom and Dad, and the house was empty.  But there was this big wind and horrible storm, a tornado and she didn't know what to do - so the girl and the little dog ran into the house and hid under the bed.  The tornado picked the house up and twisted it through the air and took the girl and her little dog to another world. When they got their a beautiful good witch gave the girl a pair of sparkly ruby slippers, but an ugly green witch wanted them so much she captured the girl and her dog to try and take them.  The girl was so frightened and upset, she picked a pail of water and threw it at the green witch, and that mean ugly green witch melted.  Good clean water always makes an evil witch melt. So...we should make witch repellent. "   (credit where credit is due)

So we did.



Extra Strong and Useful Magic Brew

This is such an easy project to do with preschoolers.  You could go way out and get very elaborate (in which case it becomes less of a preschool project) or keep it simple.  A story should accompany the project, one like the shortened version of an old favorite above, or Hansel and Gretel, or the fun and slightly scary Heckedy Peg by Audrey Wood, because the actual craft doesn't take very long and Witch Repellent is something a Nanny (or other care giver) should savor for an entire afternoon.

The labels are an extra fun touch to personalize the craft and so easy.  Here is the link from Just Something I Made.  (I love every graphic and idea this woman has!)

I got the bottles from the dollar store.  They sell a travel set that has one little spray bottle and three extra little bottles, which is why we also made Magic Brew. (Target has the same kit only for more $$) Keeping in mind that I don't want to plug up the spray bottle, or use any toxic or staining substances, we just went from there and offered as many creative choices to delight the senses that I could imagine.  Notice there is something to taste, touch, and smell for each bottle. 

The Witch Repellent is :
Colored sugar sprinkles
One drop of any kind of smelly extract (I had almond, lemon, and banana to choose from)
Assorted beads
Assorted sequins
Two of those capsels that turn into tiny sponge animals - purchased via the dollar store. 

The Magic Brew is:
Assorted sequins
Dish soap

To be honest my family doesn't celebrate Halloween, but I had a fun time making this at work.  To keep clean up simple we did most of the pouring of things, (like the glitter and the sequins) over a large pan, which was set on a towel (newspaper would work.)

Let me know if you make some!  I would love to see the pictures!


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

cute idea, ...........but ;0) no kiddos

Daisy said...

Such a cute idea! That ought to keep those witches away. :)

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